We are pleased to share that we will be able to continue to offer AmeriCorps member emergency funds through summer of the 2022-2023 program year. Through funding from the Schultz Family Foundation's National Service Challenge and additional local partners, Volunteer Iowa is able to make available a limited emergency/financial need support fund to assist members (primarily those age 17-25, but with limited funding for other age groups) with unexpected costs that are difficult to cover with the living allowance. Currently serving Iowa AmeriCorps State or Volunteer Iowa AmeriCorps VISTA members in the eligible age range may request up to $500 in emergency assistance to help with their financial stability and ability to continue service.

A copy of the application can be reviewed in advance at Copy of Emergency/Financial Assistance Fund Application

Use the following link to apply: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/memberfund

Financial assistance is capped at $500 per member per program year and applications will be accepted in several rounds, or until the funds are exhausted. The application process asks members to provide supporting documentation to substantiate their request. The purpose of the emergency fund is to cover unanticipated expenses that occurred at any point during your term of service. See below for examples of unanticipated expenses, including but not limited to:

  • unexpected vehicle repair bills or transportation costs;
  • unexpected medical bills (related to an accident, jump in prescription drug costs, etc.);
  • unexpected rise in costs of housing or essential services (such as increase in rent, repair bill for furnace/plumbing/etc.);
  • unexpected loss of other income (such as losing a part-time job, cut in public assistance, etc.);
  • funeral costs or unexpected expenses related to the death of an immediate family or household member;
  • unanticipated childcare costs (related to a change in care, loss of family care providers, etc.).

General cost of living expenses that could be reasonably expected to occur during a member's term of service are not eligible. Examples of ineligible expenses include:

  • regular commuting costs and routine vehicle maintenance;
  • anticipated medical expenses;
  • typical rent, utility, and other housing costs;
  • expected costs for education or professional development;
  • food and entertainment.

Volunteer Iowa's internal review committee will assess all applications received and may follow up for any clarifying information. The information provided will remain confidential. Applicants selected for funding will need to provide additional information to Volunteer Iowa to allow for payments to be issued.

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