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A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its social mission.

Less than 15% of organizations nationwide can be characterized as Service Enterprises. Nonprofits that operate as Service Enterprises more effectively address community needs and run on almost half the median budget than those nonprofits that do not leverage volunteers across all levels of their organization. When an organization leverages volunteers, managing them effectively, it is in a better position to grow.

Applications are now being accepted to participate in the Service Enterprise Program at hubs across the state. Through a multi-month engagement with Volunteer Iowa or local participating hub, your nonprofit organization will move through a change management process that will result in more effectively leveraging the time and talents of volunteers and lead to greater impact.

To learn more about becoming a Service Enterprise or to request an application, e-mail

Check out the Service Enterprise Initiative overview video!


AL!VE (Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement), in partnership with Points of Light, is leading  Service Enterprise nationally and is working closely with hub organizations across the country to boost the number of certified Service Enterprises. These hubs offer extensive training and consulting to nonprofits that want to deepen their thinking and practices on volunteer engagement.  

There are three Service Enterprise hubs in Iowa. In addition to serving as a hub, each of these organizations is also a certified Service Enterprise:

The following Iowa organizations have received Service Enterprise certification:

Service Enterprises require strong and well-developed human resource management practices. For every $1 an organization invests in effective volunteer engagement, they can expect $3-$6 in return.

When an organization leverages volunteers and achieves an effective volunteer management model, not only do they lead and manage their organizations better, but they are also significantly more adaptable, sustainable and better resourced to do their work. 

To view the list of all Service Enterprises in the nation, visit the AL!VE website.

Hear what recent Service Enterprise participants had to say about the process (produced by volunteer intern Madi Wilson):