Iowa Mentoring Partnership (IMP) offers several services for our many mentoring programs throughout the state. One of which, is to share important updates and news within the mentoring field, ranging from local to national.  

In this section you will find information about our monthly newsletters, past and future events, and press releases that are shared regularly. 


IMP hosts and plans a variety of events throughout the year. Everything from conferences to state-wide mentoring challenges! The purpose of these events is to facilitate constructive discussions around mentoring, mentoring training, program development and management, as well as sharing knowledge and resources.

The Events tab is updated several months prior to every event. To gain an idea of the type of events IMP plans and hosts, click the Events tab to check out our past events.


IMP periodically updates the website with the most recent press releases relating to new mentoring research, available funding opportunities, and also special news and events involving the IMP.

To access press releases, either click the Press Releases tab or the featured press releases on the Home page. 


IMP sends out our monthly newsletters at the beginning of each moth. Included in the newsletters are updates in research, upcoming trainings, the Monthly Mentor story, advocacy and marketing tips, and more! Sign up here and start receiving our newsletters!

IMP takes the time to archive our past newsletters as well. Click the Newsletters tab to read any of our past editions.