"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."  - Oprah Winfrey

Do you want to be someone who allows someone else to see the hope inside of them? In as little as an hour a week, you can allow a youth in Iowa to see the hope inside themselves by connecting with them through mentoring.  Share interests, make a new friend, and positively change a life in just a year (or a school year). Fill out our mentor interest form  to be connected to mentoring programs in your area.


IMP has over 60 registered mentoring programs across the great state of Iowa, and to make it easier for mentors or those interested in mentoring to find the right program we have provided a search system. Either utilize the Program tab and search for a program based off of city, county, or program name; or, utilize the Program Map tab and use our Google Maps feature to have a visual of where the closest program is to your location. 

Click the Find a Program tab to start searching for a mentoring program nearest to you. 


There are many benefits of mentoring ranging from health to social, from professional development to personal development, as well as for the mentor and the mentee. IMP provides a full range of resources and information regarding the many benefits which come from mentoring for those who are either just curious or even skeptical. 

Click the Benefits of Mentoring tab to read any of the linked resources about the benefits of mentoring. 


Being a mentor is not always easy or straight-forward, which is why the IMP offers both tips and resources to mentors in Iowa for suggestions on how they could better serve their mentees. 

If you are a mentor in search for tips and suggestions on how to be a better mentor for your mentee, than click the Tips for Mentors tab.